Who are Harrington Starr Technology Consulting?

Experts in agile transformation and project delivery

Harrington Starr were initially commissioned to provide resources for a time critical project, but they become much more than that. They taught, coached and delivered an Agile Transformation. Firstly in one team, then throughout information systems and now this is being adopted throughout the wider organisation. They are effective, passionate and competent at what they do, and we are in a better place for it.

With years of experience working for organisations including Man Investments, M&G and Prudential our dedicated software engineering consultants are uniquely qualified to deliver highly effective development strategies that consistently exceed core business goals.

Proven Agile Experts who have been delivering World Class projects for over 20 years.

Our teams know each other instinctively giving you comfort in delivering to your deadlines.

We love to bring innovative transformation to your business, hugely reducing your time to market and exceeding stakeholder expectation every time.




We Help you Deliver Faster

With your competitors  increasingly able to release new features within days or even hours, we help you avoid unpredictable, lengthy, and inefficient release processes increasing speed and giving you the first mover advantage.


We Help You Deliver Safer

Traditional methods of manually testing software aren’t practical when releases accelerate from once every month, to once every week, to multiple times a day. There isn’t enough time, and the pressure to hurry only exacerbates the chances of human error. We help reduce those errors allowing your projects the best chances of success.


We Help You Deliver Better Quality

In a rapid, iterative cycle, these practices become even more important, since rapid change can lead to increased complexity and reduced quality. Good development, design and testing practices reduces complexity meaning better delivery and delighted stakeholders.


People First

We believe in people first – winning their hearts and minds over. We have seen that self organising empowered teams perform best. Our approach is to encourage continuous improvement and to seek for early delivery of value to your clients or stakeholders.



Agile transformation

We craft a uniquely enterprise Agile solution that delivers quantifiable value for your stakeholders.


Project delivery

Delivering successful projects to your satisfaction, on and off site.



Providing high quality training courses in development, testing and agile implementation.


Increasing your speed, saving you time, improving quality,  reducing cost, decreasing risk and adding value

We wholly believe in Excellence Through Understanding, taking  the time to learn what’s unique about your organisation, understand your goals or take account of your particular constraints.

We are interested in your people, your needs and your people’s needs.

Excellence Through Understanding
People Over Projects

Our award winning  teams have proven track records of working with each other. They know how to excel in harmony giving you an immediate solution to your project’s needs. You don’t need to worry about politics or personalities, our teams know how to work together in the  highest of performance environments. It’s as much about people as process.

Agile by nature, we will not  sell you an off the shelf solution or method with big promises of changing your World. We’ll tailor the service to your unique organisation and work with you to exceed your expectations.

Bespoke Solutions
Our Passion

We are a small business with a truly personal touch. Professionals with personality in addition to passion, energy and drive to over deliver and genuinely commit to your success.

Working with Harrington Starr is very much about Community. You’ll receive invitations to meetups, events and round tables giving leading industry insight. You’ll be invited to grow your brand with complimentary promotion in our magazine, The Financial Technologist,  and our YouTube channel “FinTech Focus TV”.

We’ll connect you to opportunities with other useful contacts throughout the industry.

Our Community
Your Success

When these are truly understood great things can happen. No change will ever succeed if hearts and minds do not go on the journey.

Your Success. Our Business.


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