Simon, our Harrington Starr Technology Consultant onsite at a leading Asset Manager, started with APIs, discussing what they are, where they are used and how best they should be used.

A key takeaway was to expose your data, not your systems.

He then spoke about API Gateways and the different solution each one provides
* Access control/Security
* API directory
* Performance monitoring
* Quota control
* Analytics and statistics
* Caching
* Protocol translation
* Payload manipulation
* API proxying

This was followed by Microservices, what they are and how to use them.
Finally Simon finished with common problems across culture, process and delivery.

A great piece was the email Jeff Bezos of amazon sent out to all staff telling them they must adopt services from now on, and “anyone who doesn’t do this will be fired. Thank you; have a nice day!”

We finished with questions from the floor which lead to a lively discussion where it truly turned into a lunch and learn, where many were sharing their experiences across large and small organisations.

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